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Ravio by thecrazyavatarcritic Ravio :iconthecrazyavatarcritic:thecrazyavatarcritic 0 0
What Does a Kiss Feel Like?
Ruby and Penny sat on a bench in one of Beacon Academy’s courtyards. Ruby drank from her cup of water while Penny people-watched. Penny noticed a few students who appeared to be couples. They hugged and laughed and held hands. And kissed. Penny wasn’t a stranger to the concept of relationships, but she didn’t feel like she fully understood it.
“Ruby,” asked Penny. “What does a kiss feel like?”
Ruby tried not to spit out her drink.
“W-Where did that come from?”
“I just noticed that some people seem to do it a lot, so I’m wondering what it feels like.”
Ruby blushed as she searched her brain through scattered thoughts for a way to explain such a thing to an android.
“Well, it’s, uh, kinda hard to explain…”
“Oh…then, could you show me?”
Thoughts shot through Ruby’s mind, most of them consisting of excessive amounts of the word ‘what’. She tried to remain calm
:iconthecrazyavatarcritic:thecrazyavatarcritic 1 0
Ritsu Akiyama
Mio could never tell what was on her girlfriend’s mind. With the all of the ideas the energetic drummer ever came up with, it was hard for anyone to tell. Whatever the case, Ritsu was staring out into space when she was supposed to be studying.
“Ritsu?” Mio called, trying to get her girlfriend’s attention. Ritsu wasn’t fazed.
‘What on Earth is she thinking about?’ Mio thought.
“Ritsu!” she called again, this time getting an odd response.
“Ritsu Akiyama…” The drummer wondered aloud, her head resting in her hands.
Mio was taken aback at what was just said. Part of it was the lack of context, and most of it was the fact that Ritsu just referred to herself with Mio’s surname.
“What?” Mio exclaimed.
“Hm?” Ritsu realized what she said out loud. “Oh, I was just thinking what if I took your name when we get married.”
“I-It’s really early to be thinking about that, don&
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Dave McKean's Bar Napkin by thecrazyavatarcritic Dave McKean's Bar Napkin :iconthecrazyavatarcritic:thecrazyavatarcritic 0 0 Spawn of Picasso and Lovecraft by thecrazyavatarcritic Spawn of Picasso and Lovecraft :iconthecrazyavatarcritic:thecrazyavatarcritic 0 0
Waiting Out the Storm
Thick, heavy clouds hung over Beacon Academy. The rain came down harsh and unrelenting. Lightning flashed all across the sky, and the thunder was loud, ever so loud.
It was the middle of the night, well after lights outs, but no one was sleeping. No one could sleep. Instead, most occupants decided to watch the storm from the safety of their rooms. One such room was home to four female students who were altogether known as Team RWBY.
Ruby and her sister Yang sat by the windows. Where they grew up, lightning storms were a rare occasion, so they’ve always been mystified by their terrifying beauty. Next to Yang sat Blake, reading a book by candle-light. The only one in bed was Weiss, who kept herself huddled under her blanket.
After a particularly bright flash, Ruby smiled with excitement. “Weiss, you gotta see this!”
A muffled “I’d rather not” came from under the blanket.
“How come?” asked Ruby.
No answer came from the blanket.
Ruby got up,
:iconthecrazyavatarcritic:thecrazyavatarcritic 16 5
DarkSketch by thecrazyavatarcritic DarkSketch :iconthecrazyavatarcritic:thecrazyavatarcritic 0 0
Good Morning, Love (Part 2)
Lili stood at her front door, a look of uncertainty on her face and her hand clutched tightly around Natalya’s. She promised her girlfriend and herself that she would tell Vash about their relationship. A whirlwind of scattered thoughts and emotions frenzied in Lili’s mind: Her dread if Vash rejected her and her guilt for not telling him sooner. In her mind, every conceivable negative outcome played out like film.
“Are you sure you’re ready?” Natalya asked.
Lili eased. Natalya’s voice had that effect on her.
“Yes.” she replied. She turned the knob with her free hand, opened the door, and entered, leading Natalya along into her home.
The door lead to the incredibly tidy living room. Most people would keep such a room neat and clean for the sake of visitors. Vash and Lili kept it that way for the sake of it being that way. Vash was sitting in his armchair, reading the latest from his mystery series of choice, when the two girls had entered.
:iconthecrazyavatarcritic:thecrazyavatarcritic 5 2
So I drew something in DAMuro... by thecrazyavatarcritic So I drew something in DAMuro... :iconthecrazyavatarcritic:thecrazyavatarcritic 0 0 LittleJake by thecrazyavatarcritic LittleJake :iconthecrazyavatarcritic:thecrazyavatarcritic 0 0
To Court the Shy Heart (Chapter 8)
The two had been traveling on the road to Fluttershy’s home for some time. The air was cool and refreshing, the night sky was crystal clear with a bright crescent moon nearing its heavenly peak, and the gentle, soothing breeze made the trees and fields of grass rustle, creating an atmospheric ambiance. It was as if Princess Luna herself had made it so; a sign of gratitude for the Elements of Laughter and Kindness.
They had just crested the top of a rolling hill when Fluttershy stopped and looked up at the starry sky. Pinkie followed suit and gazed up at the navy blue, pin-holed dome. Above them was a world in and of itself; a world full of adventurous stories, all told to the subconscious mind through their constellations, each more grandiose than the last. And for a long-lasting moment, there was nothing but the serene silence between the two ponies coupled with the relaxing score of the wind in the trees.
The curly-maned pony looked over to her shy date, w
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To Court the Shy Heart (Chapter 7)
Rarity told Pinkie and Fluttershy that she had made reservations at a nice restaurant; her treat. Before Fluttershy could protest the awfully kind gesture, Rarity escorted the fancily-clad ponies out of her boutique. After she gave them the directions to the restaurant, she wished them a wonderful night and went back inside.
Pinkie and Fluttershy looked at each other, and then began their walk to the restaurant. For a little bit of the journey, neither pony said a word. Both snuck awkward glances at one another, trying to find words to say.
“So,” Pinkie started, trying desperately to break the ice, “is this your first date?” Immediately after asking, Pinkie regretted it; her conscience repeatedly scolding her for the stupidity of that question.
“Um, yeah, it is.” replied the pegasus.
“Mine too...I still don’t know what do. Like, everypony told me to be myself and talk and stuff like that, but I don’t even know what to talk about.
:iconthecrazyavatarcritic:thecrazyavatarcritic 10 1
Good Morning, Love
Sunlight crept through the window blinds, and into the darkened bedroom. Two feminine bodies laid in a peaceful slumber as the day came into full-swing. The light that was cast on the bed tip-toed over the covers as time passed, finally crawling over the face of the smaller, blonde-haired maiden.
As the light disturbed the girl, she awoke with lazy hesitation, holding up her hand to keep from going blind. With open eyes, she observed her surroundings, until a realization hit her. She quickly sat up with a look of worry on her face.
“‘Talya, wake up! What day is it?” she asked, almost panicking.
“Calm down, Lili. It’s Sunday.” Natalya stated with a hint of grog in her voice. She didn’t exactly hate mornings, she just disliked them.
“Oh.” Lili guiltily sighed. Vash was always concerned with Lili’s grades, and Lili never wanted to disappoint her brother by being late for school. Lili laid back down next to her lover, cuddling clo
:iconthecrazyavatarcritic:thecrazyavatarcritic 11 2
Are You Going to Tell Her?
There were a few minutes left of class, and we had just finished our work. Shizune seemed kind of annoyed. She always got like that whenever we didn’t finish early. Classwork was so easy for her, she turned it into a game; ‘How Fast Can We Get Stuff Done?’. But since Hisao and I weren’t as stellar as she was, we always slowed her down. Hisao signed an apology to her; he’d been picking up the sign language pretty quickly. [It’s okay,] she signed, [I’m used to you being such a slow poke.] I smiled.
I’ve always admired Shizune’s bluntness. Actually, I’ve always admired everything about Shizune. I loved being around her, ever since we first met. But it wasn’t until Hisao showed up that I realized how much I liked her. When Hisao first came to our school, Shizune and I were his first friends, and everything was fine. But then Hisao started learning sign language, and soon after, he was able to ‘talk’ to her withou
:iconthecrazyavatarcritic:thecrazyavatarcritic 2 0
He couldn’t sleep. No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t ease his troubled mind enough to throw himself into a dreamless stupor. Thoughts of her rattled through his head. How her skin felt against his hands. How the taste of her kisses made him crave for more. How he missed showering her with affection. How he longed for his return to his homestead, for he knew that she would’ve been waiting.
Would’ve. No longer. Sadder thoughts arise. Almost morose. How she broke it off a quarter of the way through his worldly trek. How she managed to find a new love and happiness within mere days after the ending. How even as more time passed, he is still hurt.
Even so, whenever they spoke to each other, there was never a sense of animosity. He still smiled when she told him of the happenings with her new love, no matter how much he died inside.
He is glad to still have her friendship, but the feeling of the darkest gloom occasionally blanketed him, giving him a perversion
:iconthecrazyavatarcritic:thecrazyavatarcritic 3 1
Eagleeye1 by thecrazyavatarcritic Eagleeye1 :iconthecrazyavatarcritic:thecrazyavatarcritic 0 0


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I am an amateur film critic on Youtube. I'm on Deviantart to appreciate the work of really talented artists and writers, especially if the work is related to my favorites shows. Recently, I have started trying my hand at drawing and writing.


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I might as well write some about SakuraCon while my vlog exports :P.

So I drove myself and three others (my girlfriend, who I met last year at SakuraCon, and her friends) to Seattle for the Con. Lots of fun was had.

Saturday was our cosplay day, so my girlfriend and I went as Carlos and Cecil from Welcome to Night Vale. We got some pics taken of us.

I got autographs from Leah Clark, Chuck Huber, and Todd Haberkorn. And I met Daniel Sulzbach (known by the Youtube handle 'MrRepzion'), who was walking around in his Deadpool cosplay (with a Pikachu hat; that's how you know it's him).

The best thing (aside from the autographs and the time spent with my beloved) was buying a wig and commissioning a cosplay. So soon enough, I'd be able to cosplay Chihiro Fujisaki. :D

So a fun week, now to go back to my usual rhythm of job applications and occasional videos.
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